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This year our company developed rapidly. We considerably increased employment and we opened two seeds purchasing centres. A warehouse in Bolesławiec (province: dolnośląskie) capacity of 5 000 tons and in Pniewy (province: wielkopolskie) capacity of 5 000 tons.

Next modernization in the distillery is a consequent realization of our strategy which assumes the increase of efficiency and quality of produced spirit. This time we increased the storage capacity of containers.

A new drying-chamber was launched in Nowe Miasteczko.

We bought several new agricultural machines. Thanks to which we expanded the range and quality of our services.

We bought two new MAN trucks.


We finished an investment of a distillery started last year, which allowed to increase productivity and reduce negative impact on the natural environment.

In our premises in Grodzisk and in a branch office in Nowe Miasteczko we carried out major renovations, expanding the office space and considerably increase comfort of work of our employees.

We diversified our offer with high quality seed grains. In order to achieve this, we opened a professional Westrup production line in Nowe Miasteczko. The whole investment allowed to achieve very good grade of our seed material among other seed companies.

Again we expanded our fleet with another trucks and professional agricultural machines, thanks to which we provide agricultural services.


Thorough modernisation of the briquette production line and launching an additional production line for straw pellets. Currently we are capable of better satisfying the increasing needs of the recipients of ecological fuel.

We have begun a new investment at the distillery aiming at lowering the emissions from the production plant to the environment. Owing to the above we will become friendlier to the people living in the surround areas, we will lower energy consumption and emission of flue gas.

Investment consisting in 4 MAN trucks with semi-trailers. Development of the logistics and transport department.

Expansion of our offer by fertilisers.


New investment in Nowe Miasteczko – installation of an additional car scales with a device for automatic collection of grain samples from a vehicle (Rakoraf). At this point we are a fully professional entity purchasing grain.
In February 2011 we joined the group of businesses associated by The Grain and Feed Chamber.


Using EU funds the company invested into a new grain drying facility. This made it possible to increase the capacity of grain storehouses in Nowe Miasteczko.
Further investment into transport base.


In Nowe Miasteczko and Grodzisk Wielkopolski we began to offer sales of coal with delivery to our retail customers. In 2009 we also experienced consistent increase of the sales volume and expanded the transport base.
2 additional trucks with semi-trailers were purchased.


In June, using EU funding, we have equipped the laboratory for grain testing with professional
measuring equipment. We have modernised the car scales which was necessary for starting professional procurement of grain on a large scale.

We began to establish a transport base – purchase of 2 sets of trucks with semi-trailers.

In November, the company began to operate in a completely new field of the industry, i.e. processing of plants for energy purposes (production of briquettes from straw). The new investment was supported with EU funds.


The company made a huge step forward by purchasing the Grain Storehouses in Nowe Miasteczko near Nowa Sól (Lubuskie province). This is how our “adventure” with procuring grain began and quickly
became professional trade.


We have completed a thorough renovation of an over 100-year-old distillery (Piaski). For a long time the distillery was not in order but we put it back to operation after making a lot of effort into its repair. Similarly to the tradition from the past, we began to produce raw spirit (ethyl alcohol), the so-called agricultural distillate, according to verified recipes.


We have been increasing production of ethyl alcohol every year and currently the annual output is nearly 2.5m litres. In order to meet the increasing market requirements we have modernised the machine park and improved our production techniques. We have implemented many improvements to the technological process such as the electronic measurement and control devices. Improving the quality of products while increasing the profitability are the main drives of our activity.

In the meantime, we established cooperation with the nearby farmers within the scope of grain and corn procurement for production purposes. Furthermore, in the plant shop we have begun sales of animal feed and other products used by the farmers in everyday work.