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Quality policy

The future of our company bases on qualified staff, experience and skills of our employees.

The Frankiewicz company declares continuous control of the quality of grains offered as well as the materials for production of animal feed and improvements within the scope of supervision over the offered road transport services.

In order to increase the level of quality of the services offered by our company we began the process of implementing and certifying the GMP+ B3 and GMP+ B4 systems. We have set the following goals:

  • Meeting the requirements of customers with regard to maintaining and constantly improving the quality and health safety of the supplied feed materials, i.e. grains;
  • Meeting the requirement of customers with regard to high quality of road transport services;
  • Considering the natural environment;
  • Ensuring the highest quality and safety of our equipment;
  • Cooperation with verified vendors whose priority is to ensure high quality of services.

Understanding the Quality Policy by the entire personnel of the company as well as involvement in completing the assumptions will enable us to achieve all goals set by ourselves.

The senior executives as well as all employees shall observe the legal regulations with regard to feed trade and will be permanently involved into developing and improving the GMP+ system. An integral part of our business is continuous monitoring of the suppliers of the grains offered by our company.