Biuro w Grodzisku Wlkp: +48 61 444 57 75 | Biuro w Nowym Miasteczku: +48 68 388 80 93

Coal sales

We offer retail of black coal (various sizes) and brown coal.

We offer the possibility of purchasing coal and paying in instalments as well as delivery to the customer.

Retail services are provided in our two retail points in Grodzisk Wielkopolski and Nowe Miasteczko.

The retail point in Grodzisk Wielkopolski offers free delivery within the area of Grodzisk Wielkopolski. Delivery beyond the city is offered for the price of PLN 1 per kilometre with minimum order of 0.5 tonne.

The retail point in Nowe Miasteczko offers free delivery with orders above 1 tonne. Delivery for orders above between 0.5-1 tonne is offered for PLN 15. The goods are delivered to Nowa Sól, Bytom Odrzański, Kożuchów, Niegosławice etc.