Biuro w Grodzisku Wlkp: +48 61 444 57 75 | Biuro w Nowym Miasteczku: +48 68 388 80 93


Production of ethyl alcohol takes place in a building which is a 100 years old with its distillery traditions. This monumental building is located in Grodzisk Wielkopolski. Here, raw spirit (ethyl alcohol), the so-called agricultural distillate according to traditional recipes is produced.

Production is based mainly on raw materials supplied by local farmers. For the purpose of the distillery high amount of grain is collected from the above farmers. We are especially interested in rye while in the autumn season we also purchase corn. Due to production taking place all-year-round there is a constant demand for raw material. Thus, the distillery becomes a significant recipient of crops in the surrounding area.

A by-product of spirit manufacture is distillers grains sold in liquid form or as stillage which is a great natural feed for animals (cattle and swine).

Our ambition is to manufacture spirit of the highest quality therefore we have implemented the HACCP system as well as the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system.