Biuro w Grodzisku Wlkp: +48 61 444 57 75 | Biuro w Nowym Miasteczku: +48 68 388 80 93

Grain sales

Grain sales constitute the basic area of activity of the Frankiewicz company. We trade crops nationally and internationally including: grains for consumption purposes, feed grains as well as rapeseed, corn and other.

We own a grain elevator in Nowe Miasteczko near Nowa Sól with the capacity of 6000 tonnes. Furthermore we own flat-storage warehouses which make it possible to store approximately 10000 tonnes of grain. The stored grain is monitored on a current basis in order to maintain high quality.

At our storehouses we only accept grain of the highest quality. Each grain transport is inspected at a modern laboratory by a qualified laboratory employee. Owing to the above we can guarantee high quality of the grain sold by us.

We own a drying facility in Nowe Miasteczko which enables us to provide services within the scope of drying and cleaning grains.

In February 2011 we joined the group of businesses associated by The Grain and Feed Chamber.