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Production of briquette

The Frankiewicz company is a manufacturer of high grade ecologic briquettes for fuel purposes made of straw.

Our modern production line allows to manufacture a fully natural and ecologic briquettes without adding any chemicals. The only ingredient of the briquettes is straw which is dried and pressed under very high pressure.

The most important feature of this product is the fact that it does not emit such high amount of sulphur dioxide as compared to the process of firing energy sources obtained from mines. The briquettes manufactured by us are characterised by good heating properties of about 14000 kcal.

In case of this activity, the key factor is provision of raw material for production as well sales of ready products. Straw, being the main raw material is procured from farmers who are producers of grain purchased by our company. This product is usually not used in further agricultural production of the above farmers and becomes a by-product.

Upon special order there is a possibility of selling the briquettes in big-bags.

We are interested in cooperation with straw suppliers operating near Nowe Miasteczko or Nowa Sól. Should you be interested in the above cooperation please do not hesitate to contact the company branch in Nowe Miasteczko.